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Research Partners

Over the past 40 years, shifting demographics and profound attitudinal changes have helped redefine the concept of "family" for many Americans. In 1970, over 40% of households were made up of married heterosexual couples with children. Jump forward to 2012 and that number had dropped by more than half. That's less than one in five U.S. households (19.6%) being made up of married heterosexual couples with children.

To understand how this evolving family structure is changing Americans' relationship with money and financial planning, Allianz began looking for research partners to help us field a landmark study on this topic.

U.S. Census Bureau, Current Population Survey Annual Social and Economic Supplement: 1970-2012

Fielding the Study

After an extensive search, Allianz partnered with two renowned firms to help conduct the LoveFamilyMoney research. First, we explored the topic through qualitative research fielded by Now What Research. Using the qualitative insights we uncovered, we then partnered with The Futures Company to field a quantitative survey of 4,500 respondents.


Qualitative Research

  • Research partner: Now What Research
  • Website:
  • Research method: Blography and Ethnography
  • Fielded: September – October 2013

Quantitative Research

  • Research partner: The Futures Company
  • Website:
  • Research method: Online survey
  • Fielded: January 2014
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