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Study Overview

The Allianz LoveFamilyMoney Study was a collaboration among all of the Allianz companies in the United States. We commissioned the study to better understand how evolving family structures are changing Americans' relationship with money and financial planning.

  • Commitment to thought leadership

    As a leader in the financial services industry, Allianz has a proud tradition of developing research studies that address a variety of issues affecting financial and retirement planning strategies. Our commitment to thought leadership is an important part of our identity, providing financial professionals who use our products and services with valuable insights to make better connections with their clients. Allianz research is also essential to our relationship with consumers, helping them understand more about their personal finances and the actions necessary to achieve their financial and retirement goals.

  • Where can I get more information about the study?

    LoveFamilyMoney uncovered a wealth of information into the unique characteristics and motivators of today's modern families. Please contact our media team to learn more about the study materials available to members of the press.

Allianz family of companies

With our strong history in the United States and over 100 years of experience, our more than 83 million customers trust Allianz to help them reach their goals.


Media Contacts

To learn more about the Allianz LoveFamilyMoney Study, please contact:

Jeff Faust 763.765.6614

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