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An Overview

Over the past 40 years, shifting demographics and profound attitudinal changes have helped redefine the concept of "family" for many Americans.

To understand how this evolving family structure is changing Americans' relationship with money and financial planning, Allianz commissioned the LoveFamilyMoney study.

Today's Family Structures

Take a look at the following surprising insights into some of the family types that make up today's modern American families.

Older Parent with Young Children Families

Family consists of a family where one parent is older than 40 and there is at least one child under age five in the household. Our study defined this cohort as couples of the opposite sex who are married or living together, with fewer than 10 years' age difference between the partners.
54%agree "We are more financially established because we waited to have children."
  • 23%agree: "We waited to have children later in life specifically for financial reasons."
  • 57%agree: "We are more financially established because we waited to have children.
  • 69%reported having children later in life.
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Boomerang Families

Family consists of adults ages 40-65 who are married or living together with someone of the opposite sex, with at least one adult child (ages 21-35) who left home and then returned to live with his or her parents.
54%agree "I would prefer to have my adult child living at home with me as long as he/she wants to."
  • 45%agree: "I expect nothing in return for allowing my adult child to move back home with us.
  • 16%say they have given their adult child a deadline of when he/she needs to move out of the house.
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Traditional Families

Family consists of adults ages 35-65 married to someone of the opposite sex, with at least one child under 21 living in the household. Traditional families have no stepchildren, no adult children who have returned home, and no one beside the spouse or children living in the household.
73%say   they are spenders verses savers, the highest of all cohorts.
  • 60%indicate they're on track to achieve their financial goals.
  • 33%currently have a financial advisor.
  • 29%have a college savings plan in place.
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Multi-Generational Families

Family consists of three or more generations living in the same household, including children and a parent and/or grandparent.
49% Grew up in a multi-generational family
Reasons for living with members of an extended family:
  • 49%health reasons
  • 44%financial reasons
  • 27%for help with children / household responsibilities
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Single-Parent Families

Family consists of one unmarried adult with at least one child under 18 living in the household the majority of the time, and no other adults in the household.
56% Say they are a single parent by choice.
  • 84%agree: "Single parents have it harder financially then dual-parent households
  • 96%consider themselves a single parent
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Blended Families

Family consists of parents who are married or living together with someone of the opposite sex, and who live with a child and/or stepchild from a previous relationship in the household.
43%agree "My spouse/partner or I brought financial baggage to the relationship that's difficult to overcome."
  • 34% agree: "The lack of adequate financial support received from my ex or my spouse's ex is impacting my ability to save for retirement."
  • 79%are stressed about planning for future financial needs.
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Same-Sex Couple Families

Family consists of married or unmarried couples living together with a member of the same gender. Our study considers same-sex couples a family regardless of whether they have children.
35% have children or stepchildren
  • 46%agree: "When it comes to my finances, I am much more focused on figuring out how to cover my current expenses than I am on planning my future."
  • 24%have no debt, excluding their mortgage
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Understanding our studies

It's important for a financial professional to understand what makes your family unique. The more they understand you, the better they can help you prepare for the future. Contact us directly or speak to your financial professional, independent insurance agent, or broker.

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Understanding our studies

Allianz has fielded numerous research studies over the years, including the recent LoveFamilyMoney study. Find out more about this study and get access to press kits by contacting our media team.

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